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Learn about Divorce Mediation NJ.

Let us put our Montclair divorce mediation expertise to work for you!

We know first-hand how devastating divorce can be because our lives have been affected by it, too.

That's why we mediate each case personally and do everything we can to make divorce less expensive, less time-consuming and less stressful for you and your children.

Joe Dillon & Cheryl Dillon, Equitable Mediation Co-Founders


Being a real estate agent makes co-parenting tough.

Joe helped us design a flexible plan that allowed me to spend time on my business and with my kids.

- K.D.
former client, Glen Ridge, NJ

My spouse was reluctant to divorce and I wondered if I was doing the right thing.

Having Cheryl to talk to was a huge help.

- A.F.
former client, Caldwell, NJ

I really wanted to keep “L” and the kids in the house but didn’t know if it was possible.

Joe brought a bunch of options to the table and we came to agreement on one that worked.

- J.F.
former client, West Caldwell, NJ

Equitable Mediation is The Smartest Way to Divorce

Equitable-Mediation-New-JerseyA lot of things have changed in Montclair and Upper Montclair throughout the years. The conversion of the Wellmont Theater into a concert venue for one. Or the dizzying array of new shops and restaurants popping up all along the Bloomfield Ave corridor, to name another.

But if there's one thing that hasn't changed since Joe's time spent living on North Fullerton Ave, it's just how much you have to earn in order to make ends meet when living in the West Caldwell, Verona and Montclair area.

Even if you're doing well financially, do you really want to waste your hard-earned money on an attorney-driven divorce process?

One that will put your kids in the middle? And will likely result in a settlement neither of you is happy with?

Of course not.

You're smart. And would rather put your children first, preserve your family's financial resources, and come to an agreement you both find fair.

And you can do just that if you mediate your divorce with us.

So if you and your spouse live in the Montclair area, have both agreed to divorce, and want to use mediation to peacefully and cost-effectively end your marriage, book an initial meeting for the two of you today.

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