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When it comes to choosing a divorce mediator, Experience Matters!

Divorce-Mediator-Joe-Dillon-Divorce-Coach-Cheryl-Dillon-400If you've made the decision to mediate, it's important to work with a divorce mediator who has the experience and skills to expertly guide you through your divorce negotiations.

And the best divorce mediator isn't necessarily the one who has an office closest to your home.

The mediator you hire will play a critical role in:

- How well your divorce will go - financially and emotionally;

- How thorough your agreement will be;

- How fair and equitable your agreement will be;

- How long your divorce will take to complete;

- How likely you'll need to return to court in the future to try to resolve an issue that wasn't addressed properly (or at all) during the time of your divorce.

To learn how we can help make your divorce less expensive, less time-consuming and less stressful and get you a thorough agreement that's fair to both of you and puts your children first, book this online meeting!

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Thank you to you both (Joe and Cheryl) for a smooth and hassle-free mediation.

We really appreciate how organized your business runs, it really helped to relieve any additional emotional stress.


Thank you for helping us reach a fair and balanced agreement.

I guess that's why you're called Equitable Mediation Services!


Equitable Mediation’s process was very easy and I would go the mediation route again.

It was good working with Cheryl and Joe and we saved a lot of money and conflict by not involving lawyers.


I'm glad we chose to work with Joe and Cheryl instead of lawyers.

Equitable Mediation Services was definitely a more civilized way to go.


This meeting is right for you and your spouse if:

  • You are both willing to mediate your divorce or separation.
  • You already learned about the basics of divorce mediation on our website.

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For your convenience, the meeting takes place online - via Zoom.

You and your spouse don't have to be in the same location together unless you choose to be.


Note: If you are looking for legal advice, DO NOT book this meeting. We are not lawyers and we cannot and will not provide legal advice.

And if you're only looking for someone to file your divorce and nothing else, don't book this meeting - that isn't what mediation is for.

Take the next step to a peaceful, fair, child-focused and cost-effective divorce or separation!

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