Equitable Mediation Reviews & Testimonials

Looking-for-Mediator-ReviewsWhy Can't I Find Mediator Reviews for Equitable Mediation Online?

At Equitable Mediation, we occasionally get calls from prospective clients interested in reading some reviews of our services.

And some wonder why we have no mediator reviews on Yelp or Google (except for a few fakes).

Which is a fair question.

As many people - including us - use reviews to help decide if say, a particular dentist or accountant is the right professional to help us.

But unlike getting your teeth cleaned, or your taxes done, divorce is a confidential process. And we don’t feel right asking clients to break confidentiality - and detail publicly - one of the most painful experiences of their lives.

Instead of asking for public reviews, we send former client couples an anonymous survey. Because as both professionals and human beings, we care about the experience our clients have working with us. And want to do everything we can to make things easier on future client couples and their children.

And while you may be thinking, “They’ll just post the good feedback and leave out the bad,” that’s not the case at all! We welcome any constructive comments that allow us to improve our services, and practice as divorce professionals.

Below you will find a wide variety of Equitable Mediation reviews from past clients.

We hope these mediator reviews will help put your mind at ease, and give you the confidence that we’re the right divorce mediation team to help you and your family through this difficult time.

And when you're finished reading them, learn about our services, what makes us different and how you'll benefit by mediating with us.


What former clients say about working with us:

"Equitable Mediation made a stressful life event feel manageable.

They provided a supportive, structured process that helped make our divorce less painful and more focused on collaboration and solutions.

Joe and Cheryl offer a sane, safe path through the difficult work of divorce.

Their expertise offered a roadmap for meeting our goals and helped us make decisions that could have been acrimonious and adversarial, but were instead solutions-focused.

It was a process that was not only good for us but beneficial for our kids, too."



"Cheryl and Joe are consummate professionals and they made a really awful and difficult time far more palatable.

They are kind, smart, patient, and competent.

Cheryl's coaching and support will prove invaluable to anyone. And Joe will make sure all parties’ thoughts and concerns are articulated and heard - even when the parties cannot articulate those thoughts themselves.

We do not recommend divorce. But we recommend Joe and Cheryl, highly.

We are grateful they were there for us."


"I could write a book on why Equitable Mediation is in a class of their own, and I very well may!

From initial gut-checks to the nitty gritty, both Cheryl and Joe exercise the human quality of this process. They both, individually, add incredible knowledge, support and a team effort feel to each step in the process.

Honestly, there is nothing ‘enjoyable’ about divorce, yet somehow, they leave you feeling comforted, treated fairly and respected.

I couldn't recommend them more enthusiastically!

Joe brings a sense of assured guidance to the details of which we knew very little. He listens actively and offers solutions from an objective standpoint. He is warm, funny and fast.

You are not just a "case file" to Cheryl and Joe.

What I liked most about working with Equitable Mediation was the mutual respect, candor and fastidious attention to both the human quality and necessary outcome of peace, fairness and documentation.

Also, the availability of coaching was not only convenient, but felt hands-on at all times."


"From guiding us through the issues to ensuring our agreement was thorough to the kindness they showed us during our time working together, Joe and Cheryl didn't let us down.

We are grateful for everything they did to make a highly emotional and very personal event easier on us and our family."


Recent Client Survey Feedback:

How likely is it that you would recommend Equitable Mediation to a friend or colleague?

10 - Very Likely


What is the primary reason for the score you just gave?

Cheryl and Joe were a pleasure to work with. I was dreading going through divorce. It seemed overwhelming, but they were there every step of the way to guide and comfort us during this difficult time. They made it very straightforward and as easy as possible.


What did Joe do best?

Joe is very kind and very patient which comes with what I can tell is vast experience mediating families through divorce. We gathered the paperwork and he went to work! He got us through our turbo mediation quickly and painlessly. And provided us our written agreement right away. He understood our situation and helped us agree on solutions that best suited our wants and needs. We agreed on an outcome that is best for our children and our individual finances. One that I am comfortable with.


What did you like most about working with us?

You are genuinely nice people. You were empathetic toward us. I felt like you really understood what we had to go through and you guided us every step of the way. It felt much less daunting and overwhelming. I felt your support 100% of the time. You made it as easy and quick as possible without spending 10s of thousands of dollars on attorney fees.


What did you like least about working with us (and how can we improve)?

I wouldn’t improve or change a thing. You know what works and you know how to mediate. I can’t thank you enough for getting me through this tough time with humor and ease.

"Mediation was a great tool for us to keep the divorce as amicable as possible.

We chose Equitable Mediation and it gave us a chance to work with an unbiased third party who had OUR best interests in mind – not lawyers who fight for each person individually.

We were able to come to an agreement fairly easily because Joe showed us the numbers, asked questions and explained things thoroughly. It wasn’t some canned approach of 'you get this, you get that,' but instead a real negotiation tailored for our situation.

We saved thousands of dollars compared to friends of mine who used lawyers to 'fight it out,' and came out of mediation with a clear plan that we both agreed to - and our actual court hearing was a breeze."


"Joe, I think you are masterful at herding in the complexities of our situation, respectfully calming 'E's' and my realistic fears and defensiveness, presenting creative and practical ideas and suggestions, all while politely motivating us.

And peppered with your wonderful sense of humor, of course!

You rock, Joe!

Thank you for guiding us."


"It was convenient and cost-effective to mediate with Equitable Mediation.

And the best part was working with Cheryl and Joe. Their knowledge and expertise was outstanding and their compassion and encouragement was greatly appreciated.

They made a stressful, difficult process easy to navigate and manage.

I'm very impressed!"


Recent Client Survey Feedback:

How likely is it that you would recommend Equitable Mediation to a friend or colleague?

10 - Very Likely


What is the primary reason for the score you just gave?

It was the best decision we made - amicable mediation focusing on our kids' well-being.


What did Joe do best?

Joe had a well-structured process that was easy to follow. While making difficult decisions, Joe made us feel comfortable and guided us through them. He took the time to also educate us.


What did you like most about working with us?

You both have gone through the divorce process with different experiences and can relate. You have it all down perfectly and we appreciated your expertise. Also, you provided timely responses and provided great resources.


What did you like least about working with us (and how can we improve)?

I can't think of anything!

"Dear Joe: I am writing to thank you for the mediation process that ‘D’ and I went through with you.

Getting a divorce is hard enough but I am happy to say I am glad we found you and found out about mediation. It was definitely the way to go for 'D' and me.

You made every meeting very comfortable and you were able to solve every issue that came across our plate, without us fighting or killing each other.

You also made sure we covered every base and we didn’t leave out anything.

Thanks for all you did for making a horrible time of our lives a much easier one to get through. I appreciate everything you did!"


"Joe: You and your team definitely have a way of taking the edge off a difficult process.

From start to finish, I always felt like I was in good hands.

Knowing up front how much our mediation was going to cost helped 'K' and I focus on what really mattered. Instead of worrying about if every time we picked up the phone we were going to get a bill!

It's obvious that you and the folks at Equitable care a lot about the people you work with and what you do so thank you."


"We started with another mediator but as it turned out, they couldn't help us with any of the financial issues.What a mistake that was!

Glad we came to see you and you were able to make sense of the mess they made!"


Recent Client Survey Feedback:

How likely is it that you would recommend Equitable Mediation to a friend or colleague?

10 - Very Likely


What is the primary reason for the score you just gave?

Joe and Cheryl were both a pleasure to work with. Our mediation proceeded at a pace we were both comfortable with, but also didn't allow us to procrastinate, which we both tend to do.


What did Joe do best?

The speed and efficiency with the way the negotiations proceeded!


What did Joe do least well?

Can't think of a thing!


What did you like most about working with us?

We wanted to get mediation resolved as quickly as possible, while both being comfortable with the outcome. Joe allowed us the time and space to work through the things we needed to do on our own, but also kept us to a pre-arranged schedule, such that we actually finished early!


What did you like least about working with us (and how can we improve)?

No complaints here!

"Joe, I am grateful to you as an example of integrity and compassion, and would recommend you without reservation as a guide and support.

Your divorce coaching services bring even more value to your firm's fine work.

I wish you [and Cheryl] both great success!"


"Thank you for helping us reach a fair and balanced agreement.

I guess that's why you're called Equitable Mediation Services!"


"I'm glad we had the choice of mediating face-to-face or virtually.

We chose to mediate virtually and it was a huge help.

Being able to do everything via phone and internet made my divorce much easier because we were able to find times to mediate without the hassle of driving to a location to meet.

It was also nice because I didn't need to be in the same room as my wife so it took a lot of emotion and fighting out of the sessions."


"Cheryl, You helped me gain the strength I needed to get through the most difficult time in my life.

Having you available to me throughout our mediation really helped keep the emotions in check and things on track."


Recent Client Survey Feedback

How likely is it that you would recommend Equitable Mediation to a friend or colleague?

10 - Very Likely


What is the primary reason for the score you just gave?

I was very happy with how things went with you (Cheryl) and Joe. You both were very easy to work with.


What did Joe do best?

Joe was very organized and knew all the answers to our questions. He also had a great sense of humor.


What did you like most about working with us?

Your overall knowledge of your jobs and your understanding of what we are going through.

"Cheryl and Joe were very clear in their approach to helping us. Both were kind, friendly, honest, sympathetic, accommodating and helped us to stay focused.

We moved through our mediation at a speedy pace and stayed on target.

Great team they are!"


"Joe, I just wanted to tell you that we appreciate how you and Cheryl both were so professional and helped us through this difficult process.

You even managed to make us laugh a few times.

We truly benefited by your team approach.

Thank you."


"Joe, It has been very pleasant working with you and we feel very lucky to have come across someone as professional, knowledgeable and compassionate as you have been during this process.

Thank you!"


Recent Client Survey Feedback:

How likely is it that you would recommend Equitable Mediation to a friend or colleague?

10 - Very Likely


What is the primary reason for the score you just gave?

Made process easy to understand and follow. Kept us on point and focused on getting through it. Friendly approach that helped us feel human at a time when there is so much uncertainty and stigma.


What did Joe do best?

Pulled out our individual hopes and desires for what we believe to be fair and equitable. Helped balance those desires.


What did Joe do least well?



What did you like most about working with us?

Kept us making progress with the timeline. Helped us feel human throughout. The process is tight and effective.


What did you like least about working with us (and how can we improve)?

No suggestions.

"The most notable observation about working with Equitable Mediation was that the process Joe and Cheryl created is really well described on their web site, through all the documentation they provide and make available, and via the meetings we had with them.

I am impressed by how organized they were and how smoothly our mediation went working with them!"


"What I appreciated most about working with Equitable Mediation was the efficient and well structured process, Cheryl's help in preparation, and Joe's constructive tone and approach during the negotiations."


"The child-focused, non-confrontational approach to divorce, professionalism, and creative solutions offered by Joe Dillon confirmed why we made the right decision by choosing Equitable Mediation."


Recent Client Survey Feedback:

How likely is it that you would recommend Equitable Mediation to a friend or colleague?

10 - Very Likely


What is the primary reason for the score you just gave?

First, you made a potentially painful process as unpainful as possible. Second, you have your processes down to a science, every step has been perfected. Third, your process is a cost effective and time effective solution. I've been very pleased so far.


What did Joe do best?

Kept the environment lite, and guided us through all the difficult steps and decisions. He did a great job of being a facilitator without being an influencer.


What did you like most about working with us?

I know lots of folks that had difficult painful, and expensive, divorces. I believe our work with you guys helped us avoid that. I know we are not final yet, and I hope we don't hit any bumps in the road along the way until everything is final, but if we finalize as I expect we will, this process will have greatly exceeded my expectations.

"My therapist highly recommended the two of you as experts in the field. And boy was she right.

'A' and I would have been lost without your expert guidance.

Thank you!"


"Joe and Cheryl made this entire process painless! They were knowledgeable, friendly, and respectful of our circumstances.

The best part of the mediation process was being in control of our own outcomes... This is something that often doesn't happen when lawyers are involved.

We've been able to separate in a friendly way that keeps our relationship intact, and most important, our children happy!"


"Equitable Mediation has a very thoughtful and well executed process for facilitating the conversations that are needed to effect a divorce.

Joe kept the mediation session informal and friendly, and he approached the process from a very practical perspective.

He instilled confidence throughout the process, and managed to keep things moving while taking the time to answer every question/concern."


Recent Client Survey Feedback:

How likely is it that you would recommend Equitable Mediation to a friend or colleague?

10 - Very Likely


What is the primary reason for the score you just gave?

The primary reason for recommending Equitable Mediation is the detailed, step-by-step, user-friendly process that Joe and Cheryl have in place to go through the whole process. I literally felt that they were both holding my hand the entire way through everything, and made it all so "doable".


What did Joe do best?

Joe made the financial picture clear and understandable.


What did you like most about working with us?

The very personal feeling within the whole process. You both really understand all of the dynamics involved in the divorce process, and really have your clients' best interests in mind. Again, the step-by-step process, broken into little sections was awesome. It made this big, giant, overwhelming task comprehensible. I'm so grateful. You have a wonderful process in place.

"You guys were very helpful in making this process as easy as possible.

I appreciated how Joe helped get us to an agreement on everything without many issues.

And I'm very satisfied with the outcome."


"I appreciate how easy you've made the hardest process I've ever gone through.

It has been a pleasure working with you [Cheryl] and Joe. The concise format of the mediation process has encouraged an amicable dissolution.

And your services do indeed make the process of divorce equitable and fair. Thank you!"


"Thank you so much for all of the help and support you provided throughout the mediation process.

'S' and I weren't sure what to expect but after meeting and working with you, we knew we made the right choice."


Let us help you complete the steps to divorce peacefully, fairly and privately – while putting your children first!

We know first-hand that the right information combined with the right expertise and the right kind of support can make the difficult process of divorce easier on you and your family.

So skip the lawyer-driven destruction, spare your children, preserve your financial resources and mediate with us instead!

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