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Meet Joe and Cheryl Dillon

Divorce Mediator Joe Dillon, MBA

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Divorce Coach Cheryl Dillon, CPC

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Our mission is to take unnecessary anxiety, hostility and expense out of divorce.

Equitable_Mediation_smooths_the_rough_road_of_divorce.pngNo one marries with the intention of getting divorced. And yet, unfortunately nearly half of all marriages end that way. That means that divorce affects millions of adults and children every year.

Each day, we are driven by our desire to smooth the rough road that lies ahead for divorcing couples and their families.

And minimize the damage divorce can have on them financially and emotionally, now and into the future.

Our comprehensive approach provides the education, guidance and support needed to get through divorce in the most peaceful, fair, child-focused and cost-effective way possible. And our all-inclusive mediation services are designed to help with all critical elements of your divorce.

We know first-hand that the right information combined with the right expertise and the right kind of support can make the difficult process of divorce easier on you and your family.

So skip the lawyer-driven destruction, spare your children, preserve your financial resources and mediate with us instead!

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Joe, Our divorce was finalized yesterday with our court hearing. Thank you so much for all your and Cheryl's help!

“E” and I sat in court looking around saying thank GOD for you and Cheryl. Without a doubt, you both made it the best possible experience under the circumstances.

- E.M.


I would unequivocally recommend mediation for couples who have made the decision to divorce. There was so much sadness and pain involved in the decision to end our marriage, and it was almost unbearable to imagine a potentially contentious legal process ahead of us.

We were so relieved when we began to explore the option of mediation, and decided to work with Equitable Mediation because of Cheryl and Joe's blend of professional and personal experience, and their compassionate and open style of communication. It was also a great relief to know what our costs were upfront, rather than worry about ongoing legal expenses.

Despite the fact that we ended our marriage, my ex-husband and I respect one another deeply and it was so important to us that we be able to get through the divorce process in a way that reflected that, and that kept the well-being of our children at the forefront.

We will always be grateful to Cheryl and Joe for making that possible.

- C.M.

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We're Divorce Mediation Experts


We're professionally trained,


Know the issues surrounding divorce,


And have a strong financial acumen.


We mediate full-time,


Specialize solely in divorce mediation,


And have a case resolution rate consistently 98% or higher.


We're on top of the latest developments in our profession,


Are highly respected in our professional communities,


And care deeply about the well-being of our clients and their children.

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What I appreciated most about working with Equitable Mediation was the ease and convenience of the process.

Joe and Cheryl were compassionate, kind and to the point. They kept us on track and had both of our best interests at heart.

- J.M.

My spouse and I wanted to get through a very hard process the most civilized way possible. Equitable Mediation made that a reality.

- G.V.

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