Online Divorce Mediation: Safe, Convenient & High Quality

online-divorce-mediation-Equitable-Mediation-Between your demanding jobs, managing the house, and the kids' homework and activities, there’s no doubt you’re stretched thin. Now take your already hectic life, and add a divorce into the mix.


You need a convenient way to get a divorce. But while the concept sounds appealing, there’s no way you’d even consider using one of those useless “quickie online divorce” providers.

What you really want to do is mediate because you know divorce mediation will get you a fair and thorough agreement tailored to your unique needs and circumstances. And help you avoid a destructive and expensive divorce in court.

But given everything else you're currently juggling, you’re not sure how you’ll find the time to get to a mediator’s office. Leaving you to wonder - is there any option out there that combines convenience and quality with conflict resolution?


Yes! Our online divorce mediation services!

Since 2011, we’ve been conducting divorce mediation online with great success!

In fact, our help and proven process enable 98% of our clients to reach a private, out-of-court, negotiated agreement each year and avoid litigation.

Change the way you think about divorce mediation!

You use technology in your everyday life to make things easier. You can make a call, check e-mail, pay bills or surf the web from just about anywhere on the planet.

So why, then, when it comes to an alternative dispute resolution process for divorce like mediation, do you need to be sitting in the same room with your mediator and your spouse, hashing out the details of your settlement agreement?

You don’t.

Technology has advanced so much in recent years. And paved the way for us to create an expedient, professional and convenient way to get a mediated divorce. And it works!

Our online divorce mediation is the best solution for modern divorcing spouses.

Learn more about it below!


At the beginning, I assumed that online mediation was essentially a "lesser" option for those couples wanting to save money.

Looking back on it now, I actually believe that it is MORE effective than in-person mediation.

Not being in the same room as your spouse, and not seeing his (or her) facial expressions during the discussions, probably made the discussions with him and the mediator a lot smoother than they would have been if we had been mediating in-person.

- A.N.
former client

Equitable Mediation took traditional divorce and family mediation and flipped it on its head.

Virtual mediation is fresh, modern and a great choice for busy divorcing couples!

- R.S.
former client

I didn't know how we'd be able to do this based on "B's" work travel schedule.

Online mediation helped us get through the process in much less time than I thought would be possible.

- K.T.
former client

How does your online divorce mediation service work?

online-mediation-Equitable-Mediation-Online divorce mediation (also referred to as virtual mediation), delivers all the benefits of mediation, while leveraging easy-to-use technology, to make your divorce as stress-free and efficient as possible.

Just as if you were mediating face-to-face, Joe, our highly skilled, neutral mediator, will actively guide you and your spouse through our comprehensive divorce mediation process (in real-time) where he will help you identify, discuss, negotiate and resolve all of the issues required for your uncontested divorce including parenting plan (formerly known as child custody), child support, alimony, dividing marital property, etc.

But instead of the three of you sitting in the same room together, the two of you will be in your own separate location(s) and connect with your mediator (Joe) via phone and our easy to use screen-sharing software.



How is your virtual divorce mediation different than those “quickie online divorce” providers?

Our services are different in every possible way!

other-internet-divorce-providers-In that type of Internet Divorce, you would essentially be sent to a website where you would input answers to a handful of basic questions and a very basic (and often incomplete) agreement would be generated.

Since no outside professionals are involved, you and your spouse would be left completely on you own with no assistance identifying, discussing, negotiating or resolving the necessary issues.

This can cause a number of problems for your divorce case and you risk making costly mistakes with far-reaching consequences.

Here are just a few of them:

  • If you “don’t know what you don’t know” about the issues and financial matters surrounding your situation, you could inadvertently agree to something that is not fair or in your best interests or the best interests of your children and family.
  • The system may not address all of the complexities that your case requires which could impact the quality of your agreement and leave you and your spouse with partially or unresolved issues.
  • Because you would be answering pre-programmed questions, there is little to no ability to customize your agreement to your unique needs or situational complexities.
  • And, if you and your spouse are not in agreement on all of the issues or are not willing to work together to resolve your dispute, you simply won’t be able to use that type of option.

On the other hand, with our virtual mediation program, we don’t send you to a website and leave you to resolve your issues on your own with no help or guidance.

Quite the opposite!

You and your spouse will work directly with our expert mediator and company founder, Joe Dillon. And he will actively guide you through his comprehensive, dignified and high quality divorce mediation process.

Our online mediation is hands-on, real divorce mediation.

The only difference is the format used by your mediator to conduct your divorce negotiation sessions.


Mediating virtually was great because it was more convenient and easier to work around busy work and travel schedules.

Plus, having multiple sessions to work through matters took a lot of the pressure off and proper consideration could be given to the different aspects of the negotiations.

- E.K.



Who can use your online mediation services?

virtual-divorce-mediation-Equitable-Mediation-You can mediate online with us if you and/or your spouse live in any of the states we practice in: California, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington State, or Michigan.

And no matter which of those states you live in, you’ll always work directly with Equitable Mediation founder, divorce mediator Joe Dillon and co-founder, divorce coach Cheryl Dillon.


Being able to do everything via phone and internet made my divorce much easier because we were able to find times to meet without the hassle of having to drive to an office.

- L.D.



Who are good candidates for your online divorce mediation?

  • Couples who want their divorce negotiations to be as comfortable, convenient and efficient as possible!
  • Spouses Uncomfortable Sitting in The Same Room Together – You want to realize the benefits of divorce mediation, but for whatever reason, one or both of you are uncomfortable sitting in the same room with your spouse. Because the parties don't have to be in the same location, mediating online can give you the space apart you need to ease the tension or awkwardness between you.
  • Busy Professionals – Maybe one or both of you travel extensively for work. Or your busy work schedule makes it all but impossible to meet with your mediator face-to-face. By mediating virtually, you can negotiate privately from any location of your choosing and eliminate the need to take time off or battle through unpredictable traffic, stressed out, trying to get to a mediation appointment on time.
  • Busy Parents – In an online mediation session, you can negotiate in the comfort and convenience of your home or office, removing the need to scramble to arrange for childcare.
  • Spouses Who Live Far Away From Each Other – Holding negotiation sessions virtually eliminates the need for one of you to have to travel a great distance in order to meet if one of you works or lives far away, in another state or in another country.
  • Couples with a Power Imbalance – Divorce mediation online can give you the confidence and freedom to speak openly and honestly, and can be empowering, especially if you tend to feel intimidated or overpowered by your wife or husband.
  • Housebound or Immobile Individuals – If it’s just not possible for one or both of you to leave the house due to a disability or medical condition, this mediation format can the best solution for you and your family.
  • High Conflict Couples – If the conflict level between you is very high, sitting in a family mediator's office next to your husband or wife is probably the last thing either of you wants to do. Mediating online can ease the hostility in your interactions and help you avoid a contentious attorney driven family court process.

No matter what the reason, you and your spouse can enjoy all of the benefits of divorce mediation by mediating virtually. All you need is a phone and a computer or tablet with internet access and you can connect with your mediator from wherever you are.


I didn't know how we'd be able to do this based on "B's" work travel schedule.

Mediation online helped us get through the divorce process in much less time than I thought would be possible.

- K.T.



Does my spouse need to be in the same room with me during an online mediation session?


In fact, many of our couples specifically choose to mediate this way because they either cannot or choose not to be in the same room together for one reason or another.

You and your husband or wife don’t need to be in the same location together (unless you want to be) and you can participate in an online divorce mediation session in the comfort of your own home or office - or anywhere you have privacy and access to both a telephone and a computer or tablet with an internet connection.


Getting divorced is hard enough as it is and being forced to spend time face to face with someone you might not be on the best terms with makes it harder.

The ability to do everything over the phone/internet takes a lot of the emotion and fighting out of the sessions.

- L.D.



What kind of computer do I need for your mediation online program? And do I need a video camera?

You will need access to a phone in addition to a desktop or laptop computer with an Internet connection.

You do NOT need a video camera for your sessions.

Tablets are also fine to use for screen-sharing as long as the screen size is on the larger side so you can clearly see the detailed information your mediator, Joe, will be sharing with you.


Online divorce mediation worked for us as we have crazy lives!

- E.M.



Do I need to download special software in order to mediate virtually?

If you will be using a desktop or laptop computer, you will not need to download anything.

You’ll simply go to a specific website (we’ll send you the link to it) and you’ll use the password we send you to log in to the screen sharing.

On the other hand, if you plan to use a tablet instead of a desktop or laptop computer, you'll need to download a free app in advance of your first session (we’ll send you instructions on how to easily do that.)

Either way, it's simple to participate and instructions will be sent to you prior to each session.


Since I'm a stay-at-home mom, I had no previous experience with online meetings and had reservations about this way of mediating. But we knew we wanted to work with Equitable Mediation and they didn't have an office near us.

Mediating virtually was easy and I felt very connected to Joe even though he wasn't sitting in the same room with us. I'm glad I took a chance on online mediation and I'm grateful to Joe for our detailed agreement and fair and peaceful outcome.

- C.L.

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