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Learn about Divorce Mediation NJ.

Let us put our Bridgewater divorce mediation expertise to work for you!

We know first-hand how devastating divorce can be because our lives have been affected by it, too.

That's why we mediate each case personally and do everything we can to make divorce less expensive, less time-consuming and less stressful for you and your children.

Joe Dillon & Cheryl Dillon, Equitable Mediation Co-Founders


Thank you for helping us reach a fair and balanced agreement.

I guess that's why you're called Equitable Mediation!

- D.R.
former client, Bridgewater, NJ

Thank you so much for all of the help and support you provided throughout the mediation process.

"S" and I weren't sure what to expect but after meeting and working with you, we knew we made the right choice.

- B.W.
former client, Bedminster, NJ

Thank you for your fine service.

I know had we used lawyers, things would not have gone nearly as well. Keep up the excellent work.

- A.M.
former client, Warren, NJ

Equitable Mediation is The Smartest Way to Divorce

Equitable-Mediation-New-JerseyWhen we first started Equitable Mediation, Bridgewater was our first New Jersey location. We too, lived in Somerset County, and wanted to do what we could for Bridgewater-area families to keep their divorce peaceful, child focused and cost-effective.

We watched as our friends and neighbors made the slog up and down 287 to go to their Big Pharma and Telecom jobs. Or got up at 5am to hop on the Raritan Valley Line to get themselves to Newark or New York City only to return at 8 or 9 each night.

All while their spouse worked just as hard inside the home, caring for the family, and keeping the home fires burning.

They did this because living in the Bridgewater-Bedminster area isn't cheap. And they wanted the best for their children and families.

But all those demands and pressures can take a toll on a marriage. And as the years went by, sadly, we saw many of our friends and neighbors getting divorced.

So we set out to provide Somerset County families with a better alternative to the high-cost, high-stress drama of an attorney-driven divorce process.

And in 2008, opened the Bridgewater office of Equitable Mediation. We wanted to use our local knowledge of the Bridgewater-Hillsborough corridor and apply it to creating divorce agreements that were customized to the unique needs of local families.

Taking the first step to divorce is a big decision. And you probably can't believe you're in this place reading this right now.

We get it.

The divorce process is difficult, but it doesn't need to destroy you financially or emotionally. It really comes down to making smart choices that are within your control.

So if you and your spouse live in the Bridgewater area, have agreed to divorce, and both want to use mediation to peacefully end your marriage, we invite you to book a mediation strategy session for the two of you today.

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