Divorce Mediation Washington State

If you're seeking to peacefully end your marriage in Washington State, divorce mediation is your best option. And we're not just saying that because we're Washington State divorce mediators!

While other states have only recently begun promoting the use of divorce mediation, Washington State has been working to offer its residents alternative dispute resolution options, as opposed to the adversarial legal system, since the 1980's.

And it’s that long history and community-wide commitment to keeping a divorcing couple away from litigation that makes us proud to practice in the Evergreen State!

So whether you choose to mediate face-to-face in one of our King County offices, or take a more high-tech route using our "Mediation-On-The-Go" format (aka online divorce mediation), our mediation services are specifically designed to help smart couples divorcing in Washington State avoid the destructive process of attorney-driven litigation.


The most notable observation about working with Equitable Mediation was that the process Joe and Cheryl follow is really well described on their web site, through all the documentation they provide and make available, and via the meetings we had with them.

I am impressed by how organized they were and how smoothly our mediation went working with them!

- S.S.
former client, Bellevue, WA

What I most appreciated about working with Equitable Mediation was their efficient and well-structured process, Cheryl's help in preparation, and Joe's constructive tone and approach during the mediation.

- S.D.
former client, Seattle, WA

Joe and Cheryl were extremely professional and their thorough divorce mediation process was efficient and well-executed.

- L.L.
former client, Redmond, WA

Divorce Mediation Washington State Locations, How to Get Started and FAQ's:

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Whether you work inside the home or outside of it, have minor children, grown children or are child-free, have been married a short time or have been together for many years, a divorce in the State of Washington using mediation is the best way to peacefully and cost-effectively end your marriage.

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Other Questions About Divorce Mediation Washington State:

Are divorce mediation and arbitration the same thing?

While both the Divorce Mediation and Arbitration processes involve gathering information, working with multiple parties, and conversations taking place between the participants and a third-party, there is one significant difference between them.

In arbitration, the solution to the parties’ disagreement is decided by the involved third-party arbitration professional. Whereas divorce mediators believe the solution to the parties disagreement lies with them, and helps them come to it on their own.

We feel divorce mediation is a better alternative than arbitration, as it empowers the parties to make the decisions that are in their mutual best interest. Rather than allowing a total stranger to make decisions for them that may or may not work in their particular case.


I’ve heard about something called “Shuttle Mediation” in Washington. Can you explain a bit more about what that is, and if Equitable Mediation uses that approach?

Shuttle mediation is where the mediator would help the two spouses resolve the relevant divorce issues (parenting plan, child support, alimony, division of assets and liabilities, etc.) without the spouses being present in the same room.

Shuttle mediation can be useful in cases with special circumstances (where the parties truly do wish to mediate, but they are unwilling or unable to be in the same room at the same time). However, whenever possible, we prefer direct negotiations - working with both spouses at the same time, as we have found this breeds more trust among the parties.


Who can be a divorce mediator in Washington State?

There is no requirement in Washington state for a divorce mediator to be licensed or certified. Virtually anyone can be a divorce mediator. And while that may be a positive in that it can provide Washington state couples alternatives to the adversarial legal system, it's critically important to ensure that the mediator you choose has the proper skills and experience to guide you through your Washington state divorce.

Learn more about how to find a good divorce mediator.


My spouse and I argue a lot. Is divorce mediation appropriate for us?

Divorce mediation in Washington requires the parties to both be willing to work together to come to agreement.

And while it's perfectly normal for spouses going through a divorce to disagree or have conflict, if the arguing is going to prevent the two of you from having a respectful dialogue, compromising, and coming to agreement, then divorce mediation may not be a viable option.


How is does the mediation process differ from collaborative divorce?

While both the mediation and collaborative divorce process choose to focus on keeping couples out of family court, there are a significant number of ways in which they are different.

That's why we wrote this helpful article about mediation versus collaborative divorce to help you understand better the significant differences between the two, and the advantages that we feel mediation provides.


What’s the difference between a divorce mediator and a divorce mediation attorney?

Divorce mediators come from a variety of different backgrounds.

Some divorce mediators are attorneys, so they may refer to themselves as a "divorce mediation attorney." Some mediators are mental health professionals. While others, like Equitable Mediation founder and divorce mediator Joe Dillon, are financial professionals.


How much does mediation cost in Washington State?

Divorce mediation costs vary depending on the skill level and experience of the divorce mediator, the scope of services included and case complexities.

Each mediator has their own fee structure, but the average cost of mediation is between $7,000 and $10,000.

Fees for our services vary based on case complexity and mediation package chosen. But even the most complex cases cost a fraction of traditional litigation using family law attorneys or collaborative law process.