Divorce Mediation Washington State

If you're seeking to peacefully end your marriage in Washington State, divorce mediation is your best option. And we're not just saying that because we're Washington State divorce mediators!

While other states have only recently begun promoting the use of divorce mediation, Washington State has been working to offer its residents alternative dispute resolution options, as opposed to the adversarial legal system, since the 1980's.

And it’s that long history and community-wide commitment to keeping a divorcing couple away from litigation that makes us proud to practice in the Evergreen State!

So whether you choose to mediate face-to-face in one of our King County offices, or take a more high-tech route using our "Mediation-On-The-Go" format (aka online divorce mediation), our mediation services are specifically designed to help smart couples divorcing in Washington State avoid the destructive process of attorney-driven litigation

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What I most appreciated about working with Equitable Mediation was their efficient and well-structured process, Cheryl's help in preparation, and Joe's constructive tone and approach during the mediation.
- S.D.
former client, Seattle, WA
The most notable observation about working with Equitable Mediation was that the process Joe and Cheryl follow is really well described on their web site, through all the documentation they provide and make available, and via the meetings we had with them.

I am impressed by how organized they were and how smoothly our mediation went working with them!
- S.S.
former client, Bellevue, WA
Joe and Cheryl were extremely professional and their thorough divorce mediation process was efficient and well-executed.
- L.L.
former client, Redmond, WA

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Whether you work inside the home or outside of it, have minor children, grown children or are child-free, have been married a short time or have been together for many years, a divorce in the State of Washington using mediation is the best way to peacefully and cost-effectively end your marriage.

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