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Learn about California Divorce Mediation.

Let us put our Orange County divorce mediation expertise to work for you!

We know first-hand how devastating divorce can be because our lives have been affected by it, too.

That's why we mediate each case personally and do everything we can to make divorce less expensive, less time-consuming and less stressful for you and your children.

Joe Dillon & Cheryl Dillon, Equitable Mediation Co-Founders


My ex and I made the right choice by mediating our divorce. No lawyers, no fighting with strangers involved... We were able to negotiate and collectively make decisions with our children in mind.

I don't know why everyone wouldn't just mediate and go through this difficult process with dignity.


My therapist highly recommended the two of you as experts in the field. And boy was she right.

“A” and I would have been lost without your expert guidance. Thank you!


Being self-employed is hard enough. Throw a divorce on top of it, and it’s a nightmare.

Thank you Joe for helping us sort through my complex finances and come to an agreement that was fair to both of us.

Equitable Mediation is The Smartest Way to Divorce in OC

Equitable-Mediation-California-Our all-inclusive, flat-fee mediation services address all logistical and financial issues associated with the divorce process, while providing emotional support along the way.

And when used together, give you the best opportunity to avoid a drawn-out, costly and contentious divorce while at the same time, enabling you to remain fully in control of the terms of your agreement.

So if you want a high quality divorce mediation process that results in a fair and thorough agreement while putting your children first, choose Equitable Mediation.

If you and your spouse live in the Irvine area, have agreed to divorce, and are ready to begin the divorce process, book an initial meeting for the two of you today.

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FAQ's about Divorce Mediation in Orange County CA:

As our divorce mediator, can you give us legal advice? Or tell us what to do?

No. A divorce mediator cannot give you legal advice or tell you what to do. Even if you hired a divorce mediation lawyer (i.e. a lawyer who also practices divorce mediation at his or her law firm), they could not give you legal advice when they were acting as your mediator.

It’s unethical and illegal!

Some couples think if they hire a divorce mediation attorney, that attorney, when acting as their mediator, can tell them what to do. But that’s not how it works. The mediator role (regardless of their professional background) is to actively educate and guide you through parenting plans, child custody, how child support works in California, spousal support, the guidelines surrounding community property, and many other relevant issues that need to be resolved in your divorce.

But in the end, all decisions are ultimately up to you and your spouse, and no mediator can give you legal advice or tell you what to do.


How long does a divorce mediation session last, and how many sessions does it take to complete mediation?

Typically, couples without children can finish mediation in 1 or 2, two-hour sessions, while those with children need 3 or 4, two-hour sessions. We also have an expedited mediation service where you can complete your negotiations in one session. Of course this all depends on case complexity, the willingness of the parties to cooperate and be active participants in the mediation process and how prepared the parties are when they come to their session(s).


What kind of mediation training has divorce mediator Joe Dillon had?

As mediation is an unregulated profession, anyone (and I mean anyone) can call themselves a mediator. So it’s important to find out if the divorce mediator you’re considering working with has had any kind of mediation training.

Our divorce mediator, Joe Dillon, has not only had extensive mediation training and continues to participate in continuing mediation education, but has also been an adjunct mediation training instructor.

Learn more about Joe and his skills, training, and background.


What kind of alternative dispute resolution does Equitable Mediation perform? Are you focused solely on divorce mediation or do you do other types of mediation like commercial or environmental?

We focus exclusively on divorce mediation (sometimes referred to as family law mediation) in our practice.

Doing so allows us to stay on top of the changes to the critical divorce issues in California that will affect you, your children, and your divorce settlement agreement.