Divorce Mediation NY

If you want to end your marriage peacefully in NY, divorce mediation is your best option.

And we're not just saying that because we're New York divorce mediators!

In addition to achieving an outcome that is peaceful, fair, cost-effective and child-focused, mediation can also help you resolve all of your necessary divorce-related issues out of court.

So whether you live in New York City, Long Island, Westchester, Rochester, Albany, Syracuse or anywhere else in the state of New York for that matter, you can have an alternative to the emotionally devastating and financially ruinous process of an attorney-driven divorce by mediating your divorce or separation with us.


Since my earnings as a financial advisor are 100% commission-based, and off the top of the guideline, figuring out spousal maintenance was tough.

Joe examined our financial needs, cash flow patterns, and after-tax income to put together a detailed bracketed approach to support that was easy to execute, given the variability in my income.

- R.E.
former client, NYC

Joe and Cheryl, Thank you for all of your help during the most difficult time in my life. Throughout the mediation process, I felt supported and heard.

I am grateful you were there for me and I have given your information to a friend who is just starting the process.

- L.D.
former client, Garden City, Long Island

We knew we wanted to do a non-conflictual divorce, but didn't know how to get ourselves started on the details.

Your positive and cheerful guidance and assistance gave us the structure we needed to get this done!

- K.K.
former client, White Plains, NY

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Whether you work inside the home or outside of it, have minor children, grown children or are child-free, have been married a short time or have been together for many years, mediation is the smartest way to divorce in NY.

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