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A Peaceful Divorce is All About Choices.

Going through a divorce will likely be one of the most significant and stressful life events you and your spouse will ever face.

It’s not only devastating emotionally and a complete upheaval to “life as you know it,” but the divorce process itself, if not handled properly, can be long, drawn out and damaging to everyone involved, including your children.

So what can the two of you do to make sure that doesn’t happen?

You can choose to work with the divorce mediators at Equitable Mediation.

If you and your spouse both agree to divorce and want it to be as peaceful, child-focused and cost-effective as possible, take the next step and  book an initial meeting for the two of you.

Equitable Mediation: A Complete Divorce and Mediation Solution

Most of the issues resolved in a divorce have less to do with the law and more to do with money and emotions.

Things like rebuilding your financial future. Or effectively co-parenting your children and healing from the emotional toll of your divorce.

That’s why our divorce and mediation services are specifically designed to support all three important aspects of your divorce:

Legal, Financial, and Emotional.

  • We’ll educate you on the relevant laws so you can make informed decisions that are right for you and your children.
  • We’ll help you come to fair and equitable agreements on child support, alimony, and the division of your assets and liabilities using our extensive knowledge of divorce finances.
  • We'll provide you with much-needed emotional support. You’ll have unlimited access to our Divorce Coach throughout your time working with us which is especially ideal for individuals who are struggling with the intense emotional upheaval that accompanies divorce.
  • Unlike other divorce mediators, we are fully involved from start to finish, actively guiding you through our complete and thorough divorce and mediation process.
  • You’ll know upfront what you’ll pay with our all-inclusive, flat-fee mediation services thus eliminating the anxiety of unknown mounting legal bills.
  • You can choose to work with our divorce mediators how and where you want either virtually or in-person.

You'll have everything you need to ensure your divorce and mediation goes as smoothly as possible from start to finish.

Learn More About using Mediators for your Divorce and Working With Us

No other divorce option comes close to the advantages that mediation provides.

  • Mediation enables you to complete your divorce in less time, with less stress and at a lower cost - without lawyers. Allowing you to peacefully end your marriage in months instead of years, while saving thousands on your divorce.
  • Divorce Mediation is the most child-focused of all divorce options. You’ll make decisions as mom and dad, not plaintiff and defendant. So you can both be actively involved in your children's lives.
  • Mediation allows you to create an agreement you both find fair. Neither spouse can “win” at the expense of the other as the terms of your settlement must be acceptable to both of you.

Learn More About Divorce Mediation

Divorce is difficult but it doesn’t have to be a disaster.

So choose the divorce method that’s peaceful, cost-effective and better for you and your children.

Choose mediation.

Less time. Less money. Less stress.

Better for the kids. Better for you.

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Or, if you're early in the process, you can visit our Knowledge Center.

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Divorce Coach Cheryl Dillon

Divorce Mediator Joe Dillon

We know first-hand how devastating divorce can be because our lives have been affected by it, too.

That's why we mediate each case personally and do everything we can to make divorce less expensive, less time-consuming and less stressful for our clients and their children.

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I have to tell you, I have a friend going through a divorce right now and he had SUCH a different experience in mediation. Basically they turned over a lot of information to the mediator and she ran it through some black box and came back with some set numbers and told them that was it. No negotiations, no discussions about how they might divide things up differently, basically no flexibility. Both he and his wife are unhappy with the results and when they took the results to lawyers, the lawyers immediately started fighting to change what the mediator had “decided” for them. This mediator charged a higher fee than you do and basically never “finished” any mediation.

My experience with you was so different as you showed us the numbers and calculations every step of the way and we reached a decision we could both live with. I told my friend he should stop paying the lawyers, come to you and start mediation over from the start. I think they would end up with something they could both live with and avoid a lot of legal fees.

I just wanted to tell you how happy I was with your service."

- G.L., Lawrenceville, NJ


"Joe: You and Cheryl definitely have a way of taking the edge off a difficult process. From start to finish I always felt like I was in good hands.

Knowing up front how much it was going to cost helped "K" and I focus on what really mattered. Instead of worrying about if every time we picked up the phone we were going to get a bill!

It's obvious that the two of you care a lot about the people you work with and what you do so thank you."

- D.S., West Windsor, NJ