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From the Main Line to Bucks County to the home of divorce mediator Joe Dillon’s alma mater - Drexel University in Philadelphia, the Keystone State has shaped him both as a person and a divorce mediator. Having spent nearly 25 years living in and around PA.

We enjoy practicing divorce mediation in PA as it’s not only where Joe spent a significant part of his life, but because it’s also a “mediation first” state. With private mediators like us, judges, and even many divorce lawyers recommending mediation first - because it's an alternative dispute resolution process that works.

How do we know mediation works?

Because each year, 98% - 100% of our PA divorce mediation clients have come to agreement on all of the issues required to successfully complete their divorce.

Therefore, we're confident that if you and your spouse are willing to mediate your Pennsylvania divorce with us, you have an excellent chance of doing the same!


During our divorce, I was in the process of getting a new job and wasn't sure what my compensation package would look like. Joe helped us reach an agreement that took that variability into account so we wouldn't have to delay our divorce.

That was a huge relief as we were both anxious to move forward.

- K.L.
former client, Wayne, PA

If we had to get lawyers involved, I know our divorce would have taken much longer and been much more expensive.

Joe and Cheryl helped us keep the cost of divorce from spiraling out of control and at the same time, provided a quality service and detailed agreement that covered all the bases.

- L.J.
former client, Langhorne, PA

I thought Joe and Cheryl were extremely helpful. They're honest and truly had everyone's best interest at heart.

Divorce is a horrible process, but the fact that they made it easier was huge!

- S.P.
former client, Rittenhouse Square

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Whether you work inside the home or outside of it, have minor children, grown children or are child-free, have been married a short time or have been together for many years, divorce mediation is the smartest way to divorce in PA.

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