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For the health and safety of our clients and team, we are mediating exclusively online until further notice.

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Learn about Divorce Mediation NJ.

Let us put our Morristown divorce mediation expertise to work for you!

We know first-hand how devastating divorce can be because our lives have been affected by it, too.

That's why we mediate each case personally and do everything we can to make divorce less expensive, less time-consuming and less stressful for you and your children.

Joe Dillon & Cheryl Dillon, Equitable Mediation Co-Founders


Thank you, Joe. You have helped make a hard situation a lot less painful.

It is greatly appreciated.

- K.P.
former client, Morristown, NJ

Since "K" and I had been married 25 years and had children together, we wanted to remain on friendly terms.

Mediating with you let us do just that. Thank you!

- H.P.
former client, Rockaway, NJ

Even though we thought we had everything worked out, I am glad we came to see you.

You (Joe) were able to bring to our attention things we didn't think of which made our agreement that much better.

- L.L.
former client, Denville, NJ

Equitable Mediation is The Smartest Way to Divorce

Equitable-Mediation-New-JerseyWhile we offer divorce mediation throughout the state of New Jersey, Morristown is the "emotional center" of our practice and the heart of everything we do.

Morris County is not only where Joe grew up, but it was in the courtrooms of the Morristown Courthouse where as a kid, he watched his parents litigate their divorce and destroy his family.

Joe knows from personal experience what it feels like to be asked as a child, "Would you like to live with your mom or your dad?" Or listen as the people you thought were supposed to care for you argue over how much child support or college tuition they should each have to pay.

Your children should never be put through an experience like that.

Yet that's exactly what can happen if you don't mediate your divorce. And is specifically why we started Equitable Mediation of Morristown. To help Morris County families just like yours avoid what happened to Joe's family many years ago.

Combining our personal connection to the area with a deep understanding of local divorce issues (like what happens to your child support and parenting plan if you decide to move to the Poconos from Denville or Rockaway) makes us the best choice to help you and your spouse peacefully and cost-effectively end your marriage.

Without all the courtroom drama of an attorney-driven divorce process.

So if you and your spouse live in the Morristown area, have both agreed to divorce, and want to mediate, book an initial meeting for the two of you today.

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Directions to Equitable Mediation's Morristown, NJ Office:

We are located at 55 Madison Avenue in Morristown, just across the street from the Morristown Hospital and conveniently located right off of Routes 287, NJ-124 and NJ-24.

From the North (Parsippany – Troy-Hills area):

Take Route 287 South to Exit 35 - Madison Avenue / NJ-124 . Use the middle lane to stay left and make a left at the top of the ramp onto NJ-124 East / Madison Avenue. Follow Madison Avenue for approximately 1/4 of a mile and our building will be on your right. Turn right into the parking lot and then turn immediately right again to find visitor parking which is located in the front of the building.

From the South (Bernardsville area):

Take Route 287 North to Exit 35. When exiting, stay in the right lane but make a left at the top of the ramp onto South Street (you can me a left or a right form the right lane.)  Once on South Street, the road will quickly fork. Stay to the right and take the exit towards Madison Avenue. At the bottom of the ramp, make a right onto Madison Avenue and our building will be immediately on your right. Park as above.

From the East (Madison / Florham Park area):

Head west on NJ-124 West / Madison Avenue, continuing until you enter Morristown. You'll know you're getting close when you see the Morristown Hospital on your right. Once you do, our building will be coming up on your left. Make a left turn into the parking lot and then your first right to park in the visitor area in the front of the building.

From the West (Rockaway / Denville area):

Take Route 80 East to Route 287 South. Follow direction for “From the North” above.