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Let us put our divorce mediation expertise to work for you in NYC.


We know first-hand how devastating divorce can be.

That's why we mediate each case personally and do everything we can to make the divorce process less expensive, less time-consuming and less stressful for you and your children.

Joe Dillon & Cheryl Dillon

Equitable Mediation Co-Founders

What our NYC divorce mediation clients are saying about us:

My indie film company was growing  rapidly and there was talk we might be bought out. Joe helped us develop a plan that took into account the contributions both me and my ex made to the business. And come up with a fair profit-sharing arrangement if the sale ever went through.

- R.G., Brooklyn

As an author, I can sometimes go years without getting paid. Then I'll get a big payday all at once.  Joe delicately guided us through what could have been a very difficult conversation on child support. Helping us come to an agreement that worked in our unique situation.

- K.F., Brooklyn

Since my earnings as a financial advisor are 100% commission-based, and off the top of the guideline, figuring out spousal maintenance was tough. Joe examined our financial needs, cash flow patterns, and after-tax income to put together a detailed bracketed approach to support that was easy to execute, given the variability in my income.

- R.E., Manhattan

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Expert Divorce Mediator in NYC

Divorce Mediation NYC.jpgTo some, “The City That Never Sleeps” might mean restaurants and subways that do not close and nightlife at all hours. While for others, it may mean long, sleepless nights, worrying about the cost of their divorce!

When we heard that New York City divorce attorneys were demanding retainers of up to $15,000 per person, we set out to give divorcing couples a better option. And that’s why in 2012, we began offering our flat-fee divorce mediation services in and around the 5 boroughs.

In the years we’ve been practicing in The Big Apple, we’ve seen divorce mediation used with great success by a diverse cross-section of the population including film makers, authors, auto mechanics, corporate executives, and Wall Street wealth managers, to name just a few.

Confirming what we already knew to be true - more and more smart NYC couples are seeking a more peaceful and cost-effective alternative to the emotionally devastating and financially ruinous process of an attorney-driven divorce.

And that alternative is divorce mediation!

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