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Let us help keep your divorce peaceful and get you a thorough agreement that's fair to both of you and puts your children first.

So skip the lawyer-driven destruction, spare your children, preserve your financial resources and mediate with us instead!

If you or your spouse lives in any of the following states, you can mediate with us:


You’ll always work exclusively with the two of us no matter which state you live in.

Joe Dillon & Cheryl Dillon

Equitable Mediation Founders

Joe, I just wanted to tell you that we appreciate how you and Cheryl both were so professional and helped us through this difficult process. You even managed to make us laugh a few times.

We truly benefited by your team approach. Thank you.


Thank you so much for all of the help and support you provided throughout the mediation process.

"S" and I weren't sure what to expect but after meeting and working with you, we knew we made the right choice.


Both Joe and Cheryl found a way to keep the conversation moving forward while bringing just enough light heartedness to keep the tension down for what otherwise could have been a miserable experience.

They can take a difficult topic and process and make it very manageable, a skill that only experience can provide.

They are both incredibly helpful and their process was efficient and effective.

former client


Is Equitable Mediation a franchise?

No! Absolutely Not!

We know there are divorce franchises out there, but to us, franchises are better-suited to fast-food, not divorce.


How can you practice in all these states?

Believe it or not, the issues that need to be resolved in a divorce are the same no matter where you live!

You’ve got to develop a plan to raise your kids (parenting), figure out how you’re going to share in the cost to raise them (child support), determine if one of you needs financial support post-divorce (a.k.a. alimony, spousal support, maintenance or spousal maintenance, depending on the state), and divide up your property and debts (equitable distribution or community property).

And while there are subtle nuances in how the issues are resolved from state-to-state, the majority of what needs to be accomplished is the same.

Naturally, we’ve taken the time to research the issues in each of the states we practice in.

And we continue to stay abreast of updates and changes to these issues in a variety of ways that range from professional membership organizations, conferences, seminars and state-related publications.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, we limit the number of clients we take on at any one time to ensure that all of our clients get the most responsive and best service possible.

Want your divorce to be peaceful, fair and cost-effective?

Going through a divorce will likely be one of the most significant and stressful life events you will ever face. But finding a qualified professional to help you shouldn't be the hardest part of it.

Lucky for you, it doesn't have to be!

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