Preparing for a Divorce?

If you want it to be peaceful, you need our kit!

If you are a stay-at-home mom who wants to divorce your husband, or a stay-at-home mom whose husband wants to divorce you, you probably have tons of questions - and worries - on your mind.

And that makes sense because during divorce, you'll need to make hundreds of critically important decisions that will affect you (and your children) quite possibly for the rest of your life.


As a stay-at-home mom, the choices you make before you start your divorce are critical.

The choices you make before you start your divorce will likely set the tone for how the entire process will unfold for you and your children. And how peaceful, fair and child-focused your divorce will (or won't) be.

But you can only make smart choices if you take the time to prepare and get educated first.

That's exactly why we created this kit specifically for stay-at-home moms like you.


A message from Joe & Cheryl Dillon:

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"As a SAHM facing divorce, I was paralyzed by the overwhelming amount of opinions out there on divorce and didn't know where to turn for reliable information. Then I found this kit and it was a godsend!

The content was well-organized, highly relevant and even helped me focus on things I would never have even known to consider. Module-by-module and with each passing week, I felt more informed, less anxious and much better prepared to navigate the uncertainty with confidence and self-trust."

- S.D.

The kit's jam packed with answers to many important and commonly asked questions about divorce.


  • How does the divorce process work and what issues need to be resolved before a divorce may be granted?
  • What are the options for divorce and how do you know which one will get you the best outcome?
  • What can you do as a sahm to ensure you'll get a fair settlement and won't get taken advantage of by your husband financially - especially if you've had little or no visibility into the household finances?
  • As a parent, how can you protect your children and minimize the damage your divorce will have on them?
  • How can you keep your divorce more peaceful while reducing the time it takes and lowering its costs?
  • What’s the best way to tell your husband you want a divorce? And what can you do if he’s not on the same page?
  • What can you do if your husband tells you he wants a divorce, but you're reluctant to proceed?
  • What specific actions can you take to start preparing for divorce financially?
  • What can you do to lessen the stress and minimize the toll your divorce will take on you emotionally?
  • What are some pitfalls to avoid when preparing for a divorce?
  • And so many more…
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"I loved the kit! Extremely informative content and the presentation was thorough, easy to understand, full of great information, and I feel better prepared for my divorce as a stay at home mom.

I liked the fact it was broken into modules, so I could keep coming back to finish the course as time allowed in my schedule. Speakers were friendly and easy to understand, both relayed personal stories as examples of what to do and not to do. The price of the course was fair, too."

- K.W.






"What I liked most about the kit was that there actually was a kit! Just to know that all of the thoughts & fears swirling around in my head are normal and will be addressed has helped me enormously. I also liked the presenters of the modules, literally, made me feel like they were throwing me a life preserver.

After completing the kit, I feel better prepared for divorce - I couldn't say that two months ago. I also felt empowered to reiterate to my husband that I want a divorce. Because I learned the various ways to go about it, I shared that information along with my preferred choice (and he agreed). We are now ready to move on with the divorce."

- C.K.


There are a few things you need to know about this online kit:

  • There’s a lot of information to share so we’ve organized it into a series of modules plus some bonus content.
  • Each module will take you between 15 to 45 minutes to complete and contains a combination of articles to read, videos to watch and worksheets to fill out.
  • You will get the most value from this kit if you go through the content in order and don't skip any parts.
  • The entire kit is yours for $39.97 and you'll get unlimited access to all of the content for three months!

With the cost of an adversarial divorce ranging from $30k to $200k, you can't afford NOT to get this kit!

Note: This kit is specifically designed for stay-at-home moms who are in the beginning stages of preparing for a divorce.

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"This 'go-to' kit was quite informative and I would highly recommend it to anyone just starting down the path to divorce.

I now know more and have a better understanding of what's involved and how to get the best and most fair outcome for me and my husband.

The information was clearly laid out and the mixed media made it easy to remember key takeaways."

- B.W.