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Equitable Mediation

We are a husband and wife, divorce mediator and divorce coach, and we specialize in helping couples resolve the issues required for divorce -peacefully, fairly and cost-effectively. We're passionate about helping families avoid the destruction of attorney-driven litigation. And our all-inclusive, flat-fee mediation services provide an ideal divorce solution. Divorce isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be a disaster. Let us help!

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Good Divorce Advice for a Woman with Children

Equitable Mediation

The first part of this post was written by guest contributor and parenting coach, Dana Hirt, who consciously set out to protect her three young children from the negative effects of divorce and in doing so, had a "good" divorce which paved the way to her own future happiness and the well-being of her entire family.

Dana shares her own personal divorce story and offers some tips for how you, too, can plan a good divorce.

The second part of this post was written by guest contributor and divorce coach, Tara Eisenhard, who believes that families should evolve, not dissolve, through the process of divorce.

Tara shares what a good divorce is and offers advice for how you can have a positive divorce of your own.

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The Best Way to Get a Divorce? Hear What The Experts Say

Equitable Mediation

Once you've made the difficult decision to divorce, you may feel a bit of relief - like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

But you now have another important decision to make. You need to decide which method to use to actually get the divorce.

In this post, you'll hear what our panel of experts have to say about the best way to get a divorce and which divorce method they recommend to their clients.

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Topics: Planning for Divorce, Divorce Support, Divorce Mediation

How to Cope with Divorce

Equitable Mediation

Divorce is a stressful, major life event that can flip your life upside down.

Not only do you have to contend with the legal and financial aspects of the divorce process itself, but you also have to come to grips with the reality that your marriage is ending and "life as you know it" is changing in every possible way.

It's normal to feel out of control while going through a divorce or separation. But there are some things you can do when dealing with divorce and self-care is critical.

This post is all about how to cope with divorce.

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