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Equitable Mediation

We specialize in helping couples negotiate a fair settlement and divorce peacefully and cost-effectively - without lawyers. We're passionate about helping families avoid the destruction of attorney-driven litigation. And our all-inclusive, flat-fee mediation services provide an ideal divorce solution. We know divorce isn't easy but it doesn't have to be a disaster. Let us help! To get started, book an initial meeting for you and your spouse.

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Coronavirus, Self-Quarantine and Divorce: Experts Share Survival Tips

Equitable Mediation

Preparing to divorce and then COVID-19 crisis hit?

Here are some tips on how to deal with "forced togetherness" during the quarantine, so your divorce can be peaceful once it's lifted.

Maybe you made the decision to end your marriage prior to the Coronavirus crisis, but had not yet told your spouse - you wanted to prepare for divorce first so you could take steps to keep things as peaceful as possible.

Or maybe you and your husband or wife agreed to divorce and took preliminary steps to interview attorneys or mediators, but before you went ahead and hired a professional and started the divorce process, self-quarantine and shelter-in-place directives were imposed.

Then, in an instant, your divorce plans came to a screeching halt.

If you are now quarantined together in the same household, you are likely feeling trapped, stressed and overwhelmed. And that anxiety is only compounded by kids home from school, working from home, job and financial uncertainty and concerns about your health and the well-being of your loved ones.

With no end to this in sight.

So we asked experts to share tips for how you can deal with the stress of life on hold and "forced togetherness" with someone you no longer wish to be married to. This way, you can (hopefully) stay clear of going to war with each other so that when the day comes that you finally move forward, your divorce can still be peaceful.

I hope you find their insights helpful!

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How to Have a Good Divorce: Advice for Women with Children

Equitable Mediation

The first part of this post was written by guest contributor and parenting coach, Dana Hirt, who consciously set out to protect her three young children from the negative effects of divorce and in doing so, had a "good" divorce which paved the way to her own future happiness and the well-being of her entire family.

Dana shares her own personal divorce story and offers some tips for how you, too, can plan a good divorce.

The second part of this post was written by guest contributor and divorce coach, Tara Eisenhard, who believes that families should evolve, not dissolve, through the process of divorce.

Tara shares what a good divorce is and offers advice for how you can have a positive divorce of your own.

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Topics: Planning for Divorce, Amicable, Fair, Child-Focused, Divorce Mediation

The Best Way to Get a Divorce? We Asked the Experts

Equitable Mediation

Once you've made the difficult decision to divorce, you may feel a bit of relief - like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

But you now have another important decision to make. You need to decide which method to use to actually get the divorce.

In this post, you'll hear what our panel of experts have to say about the best way to get a divorce and which divorce method they recommend to their clients.

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