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Divorce Mediation


There’s A Way To Divorce Without A Lawyer?

When you decided to divorce, you did your homework in order to educate yourself about using a lawyer for divorce.

It turns out, whenever you involve attorneys in a divorce proceeding, the results are less than optimal. In fact you learned they can be downright awful.

  • You talked to friends who spent $200,000 on attorney retainers and billings.
  • You had family members whose lawyers dragged out their proceedings for two years while pointlessly arguing over every last miniscule detail – like who gets the toaster.
  • You read a report by the American Bar Association outlining how lawsuits against family law attorneys more than doubled from 1995 to 2007.

Something in your gut is telling you that hiring a lawyer for divorce is a bad idea. But if doing it yourself is not an option, then how can you get a divorce without a lawyer?

You Mediate.

What Is Mediation?

Simply stated, mediation is divorce without a lawyer.

It allows two people to settle their differences like adults rather than fighting like children. Mediation provides you and your spouse with support in all three areas of the divorce process: legal, financial and emotional.

What is mediation? It’s the smarter way to divorce.

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Are You Sure I Don’t Need A Lawyer For Divorce?

It’s a common misconception that you need to hire a lawyer for divorce.

The fact is there is no law anywhere that states you must hire an attorney to get a divorce. Anyone who tells you otherwise isn’t being truthful.

Most people hire an attorney because they don’t know there’s an alternative or they think their case is much too complex to be mediated.

Find out about mediation success stories involving people just like you.

Certainly the issues surrounding divorce are complex and it’s best to work with someone who is well versed in the areas that need to be resolved.

But that person is not necessarily a lawyer.

Believe it or not, divorce is more about finances than about law. Three out of four areas addressed in mediation are financial in nature.

You are much better off having a mediator with a financial background
handle the issues related to your divorce than an attorney who doesn’t.

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Mediation For More Than Just A Standard Divorce

Mediation is useful for more than just standard divorces.

It can help high conflict couples avoid the expensive and contentious process of an attorney-driven divorce and can help those going through divorce later in life retain as much of their hard earned retirement savings as possible.

And when it’s not possible for you to both be in the same place at the same time but you really want to mediate, our online mediation program can help get you the resolution you seek no matter where you’re located on the planet.

What Is Mediation? It’s Divorce For Grown-Ups.

Regardless of whether you’re the initiator of the proceedings or a reluctant spouse, you each have a choice in which path forward you take.

For your own sake, and for your family and your children we urge you to choose the better option for the divorce process.

Choose Mediation.

Less time. Less money. Less stress.

Better for the kids. Better for you.

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